Annual Board Meeting 2017

CPSP-Philippines had its annual Board of Trustees meeting on January 14, 2017, at the Munsons residence with 9 in attendance, inclusive of 4 out of the 5 trustees. A few major items from the meeting:

  • Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan Jr., joined as the newest board member. Officers stay the same with Dr. Paul Tabon as President, Ms. Jehny Pedazo as Vice President, and Mrs. Celia Munson as Secretary-Treasurer.
  • The 2017 Standards of CPSP-Philippines will include (1) standards for accreditation and certification of CPO, clinical pastoral orientation, programs, and (2) changes to the Supervisor-in-Training program to contextualize it to the present situation in the Philippines.
  • Plans to expand fraternal connections with other CPE certifiers, seminaries, and other potential partners in clinical pastoral care, both in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
  • Make plans for CPSP Plenary, and CPSP-Philippines meeting in Baguio in April, as well as certification boards.
  • Plan for recognition of our new Diplomates, as well as having membership cards for members.
  • 2017 membership drive, and possible new chapters and training centers established this year.

Other items will be listed as they are acted upon. We are thankful for those that joined and all of the productive discussion. Looking forward to gathering again in April.


Christmas Thought 2016

A quote from a blog by Dan Salyers (You can read the entire post HERE)

Bonhoeffer writes, “From the Christian point of view there is no special problem about Christmas in a prison cell. For many people in this building it will probably be a more sincere and genuine occasion than in places where nothing but the name is kept. That misery, suffering, poverty, loneliness, helplessness, and guilt mean something quite different in the eyes of God… that Christ was born in a stable because there was no room for him in the inn-these are things that a prisoner can understand better than other people” (Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison,  166).

This passage strikes me because I’ve never considered how the Christmas story can resonate with individuals who have no home, family, or safe haven to go to at Christmas time. Not just for prisoners, but for the homeless and the lonely people in the world, the Christmas story has a special message for all of them: Christ entered this world in a similar circumstance. Joseph and Mary were travelling and trying to find a space for Jesus to be born. The only space left was in a stable area. The humility of Christ’s birth speaks to those whose existence can only be described as “humble.”

Bonhoeffer, as a prisoner, knew isolation and loneliness at Christmas. He though, unlike so many, had a loving family who came to see him when they were permitted and who missed him at Christmastime in their home. How many of his fellow prisoners felt a much deeper loneliness and isolation than he did because they had no such support? How many prisoners incarcerated today feel a similar loneliness and isolation, especially at the holidays?

Whether surrounded by friends and family, or alone, we pray that this Holiday Season, and New Years will be a time of healing and renewal… both for you and for those who feel alone and forgotten.

2017 CPE Batches

Mary Johnston Hospital.   Tondo, Manila.

  • Batch #1.  04 April – 23 May. Intensive.  Led by Supervisor Sim Dang-Awan.
  • Batch #2.  Starting in July.  Extended. Led by Supervisor Sim Dang-Awan and Chaplain Victor Layug.

Bukal Life Care. Baguio City

  • Batch #1.  27 March – 03 June (approximately). Intensive. Led by Supervisors Paul Tabon and Celia Munson.
  • Batch #2.  July (approximate start). Extended. Led by Supervisors Paul Tabon and Celia Munson.

Romblon Provincial Hospital. Tablas, Romblon. January 9 – February 10. Supervisor Cal Sodoy. 

Iloilo Mission Hospital. Iloilo City. March 27 – April 28. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

Brent Hospital.  Zamboanga City. June 5 – July 7.  Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

Brokeshire Memorial Hospital. Davao City.  July 17 – August 25. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

Capiz Emmanuel Hospital. Roxas City.  October 9 – November 17. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.



Diplomates in CPSP-Philippines

Based on discussion with the General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP) at the business meeting of CPSP-Philippines on October 15, 2016 in Baguio City, the following individuals are now certified as “Diplomate in CPE/CPT Supervision” with CPSP-Philippines:

Dr. Calixto C. Sodoy.  Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center

Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan Jr.  New Heights/Mary Johnston Hospital

Dr. Esio (Paul) C. Tabon.  PBTS Training Center

Mrs. Celia P. Munson.  Bukal Life Care

Each will serve as supervisors over their respective training centers and those training within their programs.

CPSP-Philippines maintains a Memorandum of Agreement with CPSP, to maintain equivalency and reciprocity of certifications up to and including Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor. The Supervisor in Training (SIT) and Supervisor programs are done under the oversight of CPSP. The above listed are the first from CPSP-Philippines who have been approved as Supervisors. CPSP recognizes them as able to oversee their respective programs in the Philippines, and supervise their respective SIT programs. Of course, CPSP maintains a mentoring role with our program in the Philippines. Additionally, based on our Memorandum of Agreement, those in the SIT program or Supervisors seeking to serve in a region not overseen by CPSP-Philippines would need to be evaluated separately by CPSP.

We congratulate our new supervisors, and are excited to see our programs expand into the future.