Clinical Pastoral Orientation

Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) is a program designed for laypersons or ministers who don’t have time for CPE. It can also be done to get a taste for CPE. Additionally, it is set up to work more comfortably into a the normal (semester or quarter) schedule of a bible school or seminary.

In January, the BOT of CPSP-Philippines agreed to add CPO to the certification and accreditation standards. While this is still in progress, the following document provides  some insight into the standards being proposed.

CPO is presently being done at Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center, and Bukal Life Care in Baguio City will have one starting on June 19.

Click here to view the Rough Draft of the Standards:  CPO Program



June 5-July 7.  Brent Hospital.  Zamboanga City.  CPE Intensive.  Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

June 19.  Start of Clinical Pastoral Orientation at PBTS in Baguio City. Duration 15 weeks, meeting on Mondays. (Another CPO group is presently underway in Zamboanga at the Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center, led by Chaplain Buac.)

Mid-August. Mary Johnston Hospital. Tondo, Manila.  CPE Extended. Supervisor/SIT:  Dr. Sim Dang-Awan Jr., and Chaplain Victor Layug.

Mid-August.  Bukal Life Care. Baguio City. CPE Extended. Supervisor: TBD.

July 17-August 25.  Brokeshire Memorial Hospital. Davao City. CPE Intensive. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

September 19-22.  Jakarta Indonesia.  2017 Asia Pacific Pastoral Care and Counseling Convention.

October 9-November 17. Capiz Emmanuel Hospital. Roxas City.  CPE Intensive. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

Pastoral Care Conference

April 24-25, 2017, we held a great conference on the grounds of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS). The conference was a partnership between CPSP-Philippines, CPSP, PBTS, and Bukal Life Care. This was the “2nd Dayot and Dickens Pastoral Care Conference.”

The main speaker is Dr. Doug Dickens, a CPSP-certified Diplomate Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training. He has mentoring relationship with CPSP-Philippines. The topic was “The Beatitudes: Diagnosis and Healing from the Inside Out.” The topic looks at the Beatitudes as a form of pastoral diagnosis… not in terms of pathology, but in terms of holistic wellness. With 220 participants, we had a wonderful time, and look forward more gatherings like this in the future.


Dr. Dickens with CPSP-Philippines SITs, John Mark Bagalan and Violeta Canoy


Group Picture of the participants at PBTS Amphitheater

Three Conferences in One Week

We are having our CPSP-Philippines Seminar April 24th and 25th. It is led by CPSP Diplomate, Dr. Doug Dickens. We hope you will join. It is a great deal, and an awesome opportunity to learn and grow.

However, that week, there are three big seminars going on. So if you are interested one, or two, or three, please click on the post below from Bukal Life Care for details about the opportunities.


April 2017 Updates

Dr. Raymond Lawrence, the General Secretary of CPSP is visiting the Philippines. Right now (March 27 – April 7, 2017) he is here leading CPE training with trainees at St. Andrews Theological Seminary.

Summer Intensive CPE has started up again with Bukal Life Care in Baguio City. 12 trainees at this time are now busy, supervised by SITs JM and Vo. CPE Summer Intensive will soon be starting at Mary Johnston Hospital (Manila) led by Dr. Sim, and at Pines Doctors Hospital (Baguio) led by Dr. Paul.


SIT JM with a majority of the CPE trainees with Bukal Summer Intensive 2017.

In the next couple of days, Dr. Doug Dickens will be arriving in the Philippines. He is a Diplomate Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training, with CPSP. He will be teaching a course in Crisis Care at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. He will also lead a 2-day seminar, also at PBTS, on Pastoral Diagnosis. This is on April 24-25. He will also be working with SITs and Supervisors of CPSP-Philippines.